UCLA op-ed claims Hillary is too 'centrist' for millennials

A commentary writer at the University of California, Los Angeles claims that, by millennial standards, Hillary Clinton is a “centrist,” and urges his peers to vote for a more progressive alternative.

Guillaume Kosmala begins his latest op-ed for The Daily Bruin by noting that millennials lean further left than any other generation, especially in his home town, where 80 percent of likely voters were Bernie supporters.

As a result, Kosmala thinks most millennials are likely pessimistic over the nomination of Clinton, who he thinks falls short of many progressive standards.

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First, he notes that Hillary opposed gay marriage as recently as 2013 and contends that her “measly 12 dollars per hour minimum wage” proposal is laughable, considering that some economists think it should have reached “21.72 dollars per hour by now.”

He then raises her support of the Iraq War and her often-criticized connection to major pharmaceutical companies as further objections to her candidacy.

“With this state of affairs, where it seems clear that neither candidate is agreeable to liberal voters, it is easy to feel alienated from the political process,” he eventually concludes. “Unfortunately we live in a two-party system and the media is continually bombarding us with the message that we need to pick the lesser of two evils.”

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As an alternative to that bleak assessment, Kosmala suggests that millennials who want a true progressive candidate ought to vote for Jill Stein rather than “a corporate centrist Democrat like Hillary Clinton.”

As proof of Stein’s progressive record, he notes that she “wants to cancel all student debt, cut military spending by 50 percent, close all overseas military bases, call for pardoning Edward Snowden, and wants to move to a single-payer healthcare system for all.”

He then urges his peers to get involved in the youth effort to prevent Hillary “from moving back to the right and reneging on many of the progressive promises she’s made as a result of Bernie’s success,” adding that “UCLA is surprisingly politically unified in support of Social Democratic politics and therefore holds the potential to be a powerful voice for change.”

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