UCLA student gov spends A LOT of money on illegal immigrants. Conservatives are outraged.

UCLA’s Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC) voted to allocate funds to pay future council members who are not authorized to work in the United States.

Conservative students at UCLA are crying foul.

The University of California-Los Angeles student government voted to create a fund that pays student council members who are illegal immigrants. 

On March 2, the Undergraduate Students Association Council at UCLA voted to create a fund with the express purpose of paying student council members who lost work authorization in the United States. The measure passed by a vote of 12-0-0.

According to The Daily Bruin, the fund was created in response to a USAC member who went without pay for 7 weeks in 2020, due to federal regulations prohibiting illegal immigrants from being on official government payrolls.

The $23,000 fund, equivalent to two council member stipends, was collected from surplus funds and explicitly earmarked for students who don’t have work authorization. Rather than a traditional salary, the money will be given to the students as financial aid.

”These actions by USAC are part of their broader left-wing activism,” a Bruin Republicans spokesperson told Campus Reform. “Even though UCLA is supposed to be a public institution for American students from local communities, this proposal caters toward illegal aliens whose presence in the country is against the law. We are calling on ICE to investigate this policy as it may be in violation of financial laws.”

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“The proponents of this fund bemoan that the UC system ‘lacks in support for its undocumented students,’ Bruin Republicans said in a public statement. “But of course the system lacks support, as the system was not made to support illegals because their mere presence in the country places them outside the law. If you do not have work authorization, you cannot work in this country. Any exception to that rule creates an incentive for people to break the law and as mentioned earlier, will indeed have negative consequences on the UCLA student population.”

In the statement, the Bruin Republicans said that the action is “potentially illegal.”

“This act is not only potentially illegal, but it also cusps on outright treason,” the Bruin Republicans stated. “Our exorbitant tuition and tax dollars now serve as a slush fund to incentivize a process which strips Americans of their electoral representation and self-determination, and the citizens get to pay for it.”

One student who wished to remain anonymous when speaking to Campus Reform said that this is not a “moral victory.”

“Obviously if they’re doing the work they should be paid for the work,” one student told Campus Reform. “But people are acting like this is some kind of moral victory- it’s not. It’s moving numbers on a sheet to get around red tape laws.”

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UCLA did not respond to requests for comment from Campus Reform.

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