UCSB student called 'fascist' for questioning aid to illegals

Students at the University of California, Santa Barbara placed flyers around campus of a graduate student after he spoke out against the Undocumented Student Services program on Facebook.

“Send me a message if you’re interested in joining an effort to end the treasonous Undocumented Student Services program and to advocate for the quick deportation of all illegal aliens at UCSB,” wrote a graduate student and adviser to the College Republicans, on the UCSB College Republicans’ Facebook page. “We will investigate the sources of funding and the legal basis for the existence of Undocumented Student Services, so that when Trump takes office we can quickly pressure the university to comply with any relevant changes in federal immigration law.”

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The adviser acknowledged that his post might cause backlash and concluded by saying, “Some of you will think that this post is too fashy [sic]. I disagree, but to each their own. All I need are a handful of Americans on my side and we can make this happen. With over ten million illegals currently in the United States becoming increasingly arrogant and demanding, we must stop the invasion of our country before it’s too late.”

Shortly thereafter, a flyer asking “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS FASCIST?” with a screenshot of the Facebook post was posted around the campus, urging students to “STAY ALERT” and “PROTECT YOURSELVES,” and complaining that “UCSB HARBORS NAZIS.”

“This is my fifth year at UCSB, so for a long time now I have been concerned by the Undocumented Student Services program,” the adviser told Campus Reform. “It seems wrong on many levels to give our tuition and tax dollars to illegal aliens, when that money could just as easily be spent on Americans instead. It has always struck me as deplorable that a public university would betray its citizens like this.”

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The adviser also claimed that on the night of the election, students “formed an angry mob and marched through UCSB,” adding, “they stole my Make America Great Again hat and my American flag, and also punched my friend Andrew in the head, so this has now become personal.”

He also claimed that the protestors bent his American flag, which could be seen in a photograph published in the school newspaper, The Daily Nexus. He claimed that after the flag was bent, a section of the flag pole went missing and a student stole the flag. He also claimed the student pictured with his flag in the photograph was the student who stole the flag.

Timothy Irvine, the vice president of the Graduate Student Association, wrote a post on Facebook with the adviser's graduation year and major as well as the contact information of his department heads urging others to contact them as well, presumably with regards to his previous comments.

Irvine subsequently elaborated in a string of comments criticizing the adviser's post, saying, “I don’t understand why it is surprising to see these people be honest that they’d love to see us all go to prison or die.”

“I am taking this stance as a matter of principle,” the adviser told Campus Reform. “My personal beliefs on illegal immigration are just a bit more lenient, but I am speaking for a number of people who do not feel comfortable expressing themselves in public, and as such I feel like I have to represent their views by standing for the most conservative of their honest opinions.”

The adviser emphasized that his post was personal, and was not sponsored by the UCSB College Republicans.

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Editor's note: This article has been amended to remove the adviser's name at his request.