UNC Charlotte offers 'Anti-Racism' graduate certificate for public educators

UNC Charlotte is offering a graduate education certificate in "anti-racism."

The certificate costs up to $12,321 dollars for four online courses.

The University of North Carolina Charlotte now offers a “Graduate Certificate in Anti-Racism.”

Students who have completed the program will be able to “identify and analyze anti-racist movements through a historical and cultural context” and “develop a plan of action to effectively address racism in local contexts,” according to the course website.”

The certificate is open to all graduates with a GPA above 2.75 and is designed for “educators in public and private settings, administrators in non-profit settings, counselors, religious/spiritual entities, local, regional and state government employees, and others interested topics of equity.”

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The online coursework, which comprises four courses, costs $12,321 for out-of-state students and $6,256 for North Carolina residents. The courses are: History and Psychology of Racism; Racial Identity Development; Race in Education and Schooling; Anti-Racist Activism in Education. 

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Per the program website, Racial Identity Development will instruct students on the “essential theories pertaining to racial and ethnic identity”  and “practical applications related to understanding how racial and ethnic identities play a meaningful role in the human experience and in schools and classrooms.” 

Race in Education and Schooling focuses on how “schools were formed based on White supremacist ideologies” and how schools can be improved for “students of color.”