UNC offers up to $7k to facutly for DEI research

The College of Arts and Sciences recently accepted applications for research opportunities on DEI topics like 'social inequality,' 'democracy, equity, and justice,' and 'antiracism.'

The college was also willing to fund projects on 'reckoning' to address UNC's 'distant and recent history that has posed challenges.'

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) College of Arts and Sciences is providing faculty grants for “research activities that support and promote an understanding of diversity, equity inclusion [DEI].” Accepted proposals can receive up to $7,000 and will take place through the 2023-2024 academic year.

Potential DEI-based proposal topics include, “inclusion and belonging,” “social inequality,” “health or educational disparities,” “bias and stereotyping,” “social or cultural diversity,” “democracy, equity, and justice,” “experiences of underrepresented or particular culturally distinct groups,” “inclusive research,” “community-engaged/participatory research,” and “diversity and research teams.”

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The College of Arts and Sciences noted it will fund a minimum of two projects that feature research on the university and explore “topics central to strengthening [UNC’s] community in the face of the campus’ distant and recent history that has posed challenges.”

Potential subjects for such proposals were listed as, “race, history, and university features,” “experiences of underrepresented UNC-CH alumni,” “Confederate monuments,” “community engagement,” and “reckoning.” 

Recent applicants for the research grants were required to write a 2-3 page proposal that explains “the research topic and its relevance to diversity equity and inclusion.”

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Similarly, the College of Arts and Sciences recently offered up to $6,000 in DEI education grants for proposals that enhance students’ learning on issues like “climate,” “equity,” “awareness of cultural difference,” “antiracism,” “implicit or unconscious bias,” “social justice,” “injustice,” “inclusive leadership,” and “microaggressions.”

10 proposals are expected to be awarded a DEI education grant.

Additionally, the College of Arts and Sciences recently accepted applications for “DEI Project Grants for Unit Enhancement.” Successful proposals can also receive up to $7,000 and must “assess, develop or enhance a particular area of DEI concern,” with the exception of “pay equity or DEI education/training.” 

Formed in 1795, UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences is the school’s largest academic unit with over 17,000 undergraduates. In 2021, the college’s dean’s office launched a “DEI Strategic Plan” to “create a strategy for strengthening and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion among faculty and staff.”

Campus Reform contacted the College of Arts and Sciences for comment. This story will be updated accordingly.