UNH to host 'White Privilege vs. White Supremacy' event

Next week, the University of New Hampshire is hosting an event to discuss the distinctions between “White Privilege” and “White Supremacy.”

“In a post-inauguration nation, many topics have surfaced as a point of discussion,” begins a flyer for the “White Privilege vs. White Supremacy” event, seemingly attempting to reference President Donald Trump without naming him.

“Many have seen or heard conversations centered on white privilege and white supremacy,” the flyer notes, then asks, “What is the difference between white privilege and white supremacy and how does it affect us all?”

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According to the advertisement, the event is being sponsored by “The Office of Multicurual Srudent [sic] Affairs” and “the Diversity Support Coalition” of student organizations, and will be “funded by your student activity fee.”

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs told Campus Reform that this talk is not a reaction to Trump’s election, but is simply “a continuation of the ‘ Real Talk’ series that discusses race and privilege,” but some students are unconvinced.

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“I don't agree with the topic of the event because it makes the judgement that white privilege is real and is directly linked to white supremacy,” UNH sophomore Josh Fox told Campus Reform. “It tries to make you feel racist for being white. I should not have to fund a political event that is targeting me. It is trying to divide us even more than the country already is."

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Besides, he added, “It definitely doesn't help their cause to be misspelling their own name.”

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