University calls for removal of construction equipment some deemed a racist symbol

An American flag was flown at a Central Connecticut State University construction site from a crane using a steel cable with a loop at the bottom.

The university president demanded the flag be removed and promised to send employees to monitor its removal on Saturday.

A flag displayed from a construction site over Memorial Day Weekend has ignited controversy at Central Connecticut State University after members of the community said that the flag appeared to be displayed from a noose.

The flag was flown on a metal cable hanging from a crane at an on-campus construction site. The cable, which had a loop at the end, closely resembles standard loop steel cables that are commonly used in construction; Home Depot sells several varieties. 

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 When social media users took note of the cable, Central Connecticut State University responded, “As soon as we saw the photo we called the construction company and ordered the cable be brought down immediately.” The university also posted, of the offending object, “It is a steel loop that is part of a crane’s cable; it is not a noose.” The crane had multiple loop cables hanging from it, but the school has moved to address only the one bearing the American flag. 

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According to local news outlet Fox 61, Central Connecticut State University President Zulma Toro tried to mitigate concerns by telling students, “We have been in contact with the construction company and demanded that the cable be lowered tonight. We have a team on-site tonight monitoring the situation.” However, Fox 61 found on Sunday morning that the flag and cable were still hanging from the crane. 

Campus Reform has asked Central Connecticut State University to comment on the controversy and the flag’s current status; this piece will be updated with a response. 

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