University earmarks $1 million for COVID-19 hardships of ‘Black and Hispanic' students

Indiana University created a “Pandemic Health Disparities Fund” for black and Hispanic students, because they are supposedly more likely to catch COVID-19 when they return in the fall.

IU will also offer “special screening and testing, mental health services and broader student wellness programs for Black and Hispanic students returning for the fall semester.”

Indiana University announced in June that it has established a “Pandemic Health Disparities Fund “ to “address the needs” of “Black and Hispanic students” in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic as they return for the fall semester.

The university’s efforts include “special screening and testing, mental health services and broader student wellness programs for Black and Hispanic students returning for the fall semester. In addition, a new Pandemic Health Disparities Fund, created with $1 million of support from the IU Office of the President, will further address the needs of these students.” 

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In a similar light, James Wimbush, IU vice president for diversity, equity, and multicultural affairs, claimed that “about 15,000 students at Indiana University are African American or Hispanic, consequently making them potentially more at risk than the rest of the university population.”

Wimbush continued, linking the university’s decisions to the broader issue of racial inequity, saying, “IU’s educational community is determined to enhance the impact of its efforts related to addressing social injustice, diversity, and inclusion.”

However, Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning Point USA, questioned the university’s assertions and actions. 

When speaking with Campus Reform, Kirk asked, “If the virus disproportionately affects blacks and Hispanics, then why did health authorities not speak up when those very communities were well represented among the protesters and rioters demanding to defund the police?” 

Kirk was referencing the protests that erupted after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Public health authorities offered their support for the protests after having denounced the anti-lockdown protests for propagating the spread of COVID-19.

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“The radical left is not a movement of progress but of regression: back to segregation, tribalism, and racism, all in the name of ‘justice’ and ‘equity.’ It’s also a complete abandonment of the vision of Martin Luther King Jr. that we would judge each other based on character, not the color of our skin,” Kirk added. 

Addressing universities explicitly, Kirk stated, “These universities must begin to pay a real financial cost for spreading their anti-American, Marxist poison. Federal funding, tax shields, and a mass exodus of students and donations should be, and are, all on the table in the near future.”

IU did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

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