University is hiring a 'Director of Social Justice Education' to create 'university-wide culture shifts'

Northern Illinois University requires that the Director of Social Justice Education (SJE) must be 'ethical, committed to social justice' and 'equity.'

The new Director position will work with the 'social justice team' to create and implement new 'signature social justice programs.'

Northern Illinois University (NIU) has recently posted a job opening for a “Director of Social Justice Education.” 

NIU requires that the Director of Social Justice Education (SJE) must be “ethical, committed to social justice,” and “equity,” and motivated to deliver results “focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and organizational transformation.”

This position will be responsible for developing college-wide programs that focus on “cultural competency, racial healing and reconciliation, counternarratives, community building, restorative justice, equity, and inclusion responsive to the ongoing needs of all constituents at NIU,” according to the description. 

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Potential job candidates must have 3 years of experience with programs that “advance social justice and or diversity, equity and/or inclusion,” and also have experience working with “diverse populations.” 

The lengthy job description further states that the new director will report directly to the Assistant Vice President for Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ADEI) and that the Director of SJE will develop “university-wide” programs that align with the school’s three Strategic Priorities within Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the “University Goals,” and the “Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.”

NIU’s goals for the Fiscal Year 2022 include pursuing the “equity goals” that are outlined in the Higher Learning Commission Quality Initiative Proposal (HLCQIP) and Illinois Equity in Attainment (ILEA) Equity Plan to “increase student success by removing structural barriers.”

The list of goals includes increasing the six-year graduation rate by “reducing equity gaps for Latinx students to 5% or less,” and “for both Black new freshmen and transfer students to 10% or less.” The goals also aim to increase first-year retention rates by “reducing equity gaps for Black new freshmen to 10% or less,” and “for Black transfer students to 6% or less.”

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The new Director position will work with the “social justice team” to create and implement new “signature social justice programs.” The incumbent will also advance these programs in an effort to contribute to “university-wide culture shifts” by engaging and “educat[ing]” staff, students, faculty, and administrators with the “goal of creating a more socially just” NIU community.

Additionally, the Director will be responsible for the development of programs and initiatives related to diversity and equity, as well as the “creation of publications” that address those issues as well.

The university’s existing Social Justice Education statement states that “NIU is committed to confronting racism and discrimination.” 

The webpage further states that Social Justice Education provides the community with “educational experiences to build and sustain an inclusive campus where everyone respects the value and dignity of all members.”

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