University of Michigan prepares to launch 'DEI 2.0' program

The plan is set to launch in the Fall 2023 semester.

The University of Michigan recently announced the next step in its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy: 'DEI 2.0.'

The University of Michigan (UMich) recently announced the next step in its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy: “DEI 2.0.”

The plan, set to launch in October 2023, piggybacks off the school’s “DEI 1.0” strategy, which concluded at the end of the 2021-22 academic year. 

During the two-year transition period between strategic plans, the university will continue its DEI-related efforts, providing regular progress updates to the entire campus community. This will include the work of DEI implementation leads across campus in all schools, colleges and additional units across the university,” the initiative’s website reads. 

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“DEI 2.0” is being treated as a five-year initiative and serves to provide students with additional resources and tools to commit to the DEI agenda. 

Resources and tools include a DEI 2.0 Transition Toolkit and a DEI Goal Setting Guide.

The linked transition toolkit gives UMich community members access to DEI-focused digital signage, posters, and social media content, which all include UMich’s logo and slogan: "Moving Forward Together."

UMich’s goal setting guide was inaccessible.

Kim Broekhuizen, UMich’s Associate Director of Public Affairs, provided further perspective on this initiative. 

With the infrastructure already in place from DEI 1.0, the university’s DEI efforts will proceed and mirror the process of a university capital campaign. With recurring DEI strategic plans, the university community has the opportunity to rally around collective, coordinated, strategic efforts to achieve specific goals at both the university and unit levels for a specific intense time period,” Broekhuizen told Campus Reform.

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Austin Cowley, UMich student and member of both the College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom chapters, sounded off on the school’s emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Although I am proud to go to the University of Michigan, I am not necessarily proud of this matter,” Cowley told Campus Reform.

It’s unfortunate, but that’s why the Republican Party needs to continue to stand up to this liberal indoctrination in schools, ranging from elementary and preschool to universities,” he continued. 

Cowley also attributed DEI to why schools across the country are becoming “more left leaning and liberal.”

Campus Reform reached out to the University of Michigan and its DEI Department for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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