University of Minnesota to teach doctor to train abortionists

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is hiring a board certified doctor to become an abortionist at the local Planned Parenthood and the university’s Family Medicine Clinic. 

The “Reproductive Rights Advocacy Fellowship” is a one-year medical fellowship that seeks to hire a doctor to “spend one year as a ‘trainer in training,’ learning to perform abortion and related procedures” such as “vacuum aspiration of the uterus.” 

Once the doctor learns to perform abortions, he or she will be dispatched to “teach these procedures to others,” according to the job description, which explains that “this includes spending at least 20 days at a high volume abortion site, getting training and becoming a trainer.”

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The first component of the fellowship curriculum entails “abortion training at Planned Parenthood MN, ND, SD in St. Paul, MN,” but also includes training for family planning, reproductive health, and reproductive advocacy. 

The workbook that the new hiree will learn from describes abortion as a “safe” procedure and frames it as one of the “most common outpatient procedures performed among women” in the United States. 

In fact, the workbook suggests that medical abortion is so safe that it may even be preferable to carrying a child to term, noting that “The mortality associated with childbirth is 14 times that of legal abortion.” 

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To deal with women conflicted about abortion, the new UM hiree will also learn about counseling techniques, such as creating and reviewing a pro/con chart of having an abortion, and dealing with patients’ “spiritual or moral concerns.” 

The workbook downplays the likelihood of encountering such concerns, however, assuring applicants that experts have found little evidence that abortion causes mental anguish.

“Leading experts conclude that abortion does not pose a hazard to patient’s mental health,” the document states, insisting that “The most common emotional response following an abortion is a sense of relief.”

The University of Minnesota claims the abortionist will ensure “reproductive health care.” 

“This one-year fellowship/instructorship sponsored by the University of Minnesota Medical Center Family Medicine Residency in partnership with the Reproductive Health Access Project aims to develop leaders who will promote and teach full-spectrum reproductive health care within family medicine,” it adds. 

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As Campus Reform reported in January 2017, a report from the U.S. House of Representatives found that the University of Minnesota is one of more than 60 colleges in the United States found to have have purchased aborted fetal tissue for research. 

That report indicated that “the university continues to procure fetal tissue” and that it recently revised its method of tissue procurement to avoid violating Minnesota State Code by ensuring that abortion tissue is procured across state lines. 

UPDATE: A University of Minnesota spokesperson provided the following statement to Campus Reform:

”This one-year fellowship/instructorship is sponsored by the University of Minnesota Medical Center Family Medicine Residency in partnership with the Reproductive Health Access Project. The position has zero involvement in procuring fetal tissue.”

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