University of North Dakota provides students with pronoun guide, 'gender closet’

The University of North Dakota currently provides a 'Gender Pronoun Guide' and 'Gender Expression Closet' for its students.

The guide lists 'xe' and 'xyrself,' 'per' and 'perself,' and 'ey' and 'emself' as alternative pronouns.

The University of North Dakota (UND) currently provides a “Gender Pronoun Guide“ and “Gender Expression Closet” for its students. 

The pronoun guide warns, “Referring to someone with the wrong gender pronoun is one way to misgender someone and can trigger dysphoria,” adding that “[u]sing a person’s correct gender pronouns shows support and respect.”

The guide also lists ”xe” and “xyrself,” “per” and “perself,” and “ey” and “emself” as alternative pronouns. 

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UND’s gender closet provides “access to free identify [sic] affirming clothing for UND students.” 

”The closet helps support trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse students feel comfortable and validated so they can be their authentic selves while pushing forward in their education,” reads the closet webpage. 

Students can also obtain chest binders at the gender expression closet. UND defines chest binders as “a form of gender affirming care.”

The Gender Pronoun Guide and Gender Expression Closet are both made available through UND’s Pride Center. The Pride Center “keeps a stock of menstrual products, condoms, satin dams, lubricants, and safe sex kits.” 

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UND is not the only university that hosts an LGBT gender closet. 

Campus Reform reported last December, for example, that the University of Pennsylvania is home to “The Clothing Closet,” which “aims to provide affordable clothing to gender-transitioning students.”

And in 2021 it came to light that Cal State Fullerton offered a “Gender Affirming Closet” to its students, including the provision of chest binders.

The University of North Dakota and UND Pride Center have not responded to comments requested by Campus Reform