University student gov. tells students to 'bring one dollar bills’ to all-ages drag show

University of Nevada Reno’s student government hosted its annual drag show on Mar. 29 with performer Monique Heart leading the event.

The drag show event was open to all ages.

The Associated Students of the University of Nevada at Reno (ASUN), the university’s student government, hosted a “Wolf Pack Drag Show” on Mar. 29 with drag show performer Monique Heart leading the event.

The drag show is, according to ASUN, an annual affair.

An Instagram post advertising the event encouraged students and community members to join and experience “empowering performances” and to “bring one dollar bills” to “tip & support” the performers. 

One commenter on the post said they hope the university will be “vigilant in providing extra security” for the show due to the “current social and political climate towards drag performers across the country.”

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A subsequent Instagram post stated the event would have both “student” and “local” performers. Multiple accounts expressed their support for the event. 

When asked about an age restriction in the comments, ASUN replied, stating it was an 
“all ages event.”

The fact y’all are supporting this agenda is heartbreaking and embarrassing. Next you’ll be in our elementary schools. So sad,” said one commenter under the second post. 

ASUN advertised a giveaway for the event in February where students had the chance to win meet-and-greet tickets for guessing the “leading drag performer” for the March event. 

Last March, ASUN hosted a drag show with a performer named “Silky Nutmeg Ganache” from the television show RuPaul’s Drag Race and told students to 
“be amazed by wonderful performances.”

In October 2022, ASUN partnered with Planned Parenthood Generation Action and other “LGBTQIA+/DEI” clubs to host a “National Coming Out Day Pride Celebration.”

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In Aug. 2022, the University of Nevada at Reno launched an LGBTQ Studies minor under the Gender, Race, and Identity (GRI) department in the College of Liberal Arts, as reported by Campus Reform

Courses available to satisfy the minor include “Intersectionality and Social Justice,” “Queer History and Theory,” “Latina/o/x Communication Studies,” “Indigenous Feminisms,” “Men and Masculinities,” and “Thinking Sex and Gender.”

Sexually explicit drag shows have increased in recent years on college campuses across the country.

Campus Reform obtained footage in October of last year, for example, of a Utah Tech University drag show where a participant who appeared as a judge yelled “this p***y wet” and “shake that a**” to performers on stage. The event was intended for attendees 18+ years old due to the “nature of drag shows in general.” 

Campus Reform reached out to the University of Nevada, Reno, Associated Students of the University of Nevada, “Monique Heart,” and “Silky Nutmeg Ganache” for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.