University students will learn about ‘Queer Feelings’ & ‘activist skills’ this fall

Courses like 'Queer Desires' and 'Queer Feelings' will be offered this coming academic year at America's public universities.

A gender and sexuality course at Humboldt State University is teaching students 'organizational and activist skills.'

This fall, several major public universities are offering courses on LGBTQ sexuality, sex education, and activism, which go far beyond the histories of LGBTQ individuals and movements. 

Instead, many of these courses focus on leftist politics and activist causes. 

Humboldt State University’s Department of Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is using a “Community Activism” course to teach students “organizational and activist skills” in a course that will involve “hands-on projects.”

Students at the University of Wisconsin can sign up this fall for classes including “Queer Bodies” and “Queering EcoFeminism.” The course description of the latter claims that the class will entail “a feminist study of LGBTQ sexualities considering race, nationality, and time.”

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The University of Washington is offering a course titled “Queer Desires,” which will “[explore] desire and the politics of sexuality.” 

Portland State University is offering a class titled “Queer Feelings,” though the course description offers no details about the topic at the time of publication. 

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Finally, students at James Madison University this year will have the opportunity to earn three credits through a “Feminist Blogging” course, in which they will learn to “work in a feminist collective,” writing and publicizing a blog, according to the course description, “as a means of consciousness raising.”

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