University's 'Let's Talk About Sex' event invites students to 'play games,' discuss 'pleasure'

The event was a collaboration between the University of Arkansas' Sexual Health Organization and Outreach and Counseling and Psychological Services clinicians.

Campus Reform spoke to one student who expressed outrage that the event's focus emphasized pleasure over safety.

On Jan 26, the University of Arkansas’ Sexual Health Organization and Outreach (SHOO), partnered with campus Counseling and Psychological Services clinicians Heather Vinti and Patricia Morency to host “Let’s Talk About Sex.” 

The event was advertised as an interactive presentation for “an open conversation about sex and pleasure.”

“Come play games and have an open conversation about sex and pleasure,” one graphic read. 

Campus Reform spoke with Grace Stoop, founder and co-president of SHOO, about the purpose of the event. 

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”The purpose of our Let’s Talk About Sex event was to help students foster healthy communication in all their relationships, and to help them navigate the crazy world of sexual health,” Stoop said. 

Campus Reform also spoke with one student, who requested anonymity, about his outrage that his university would host such an event.

”If it was a seminar serving to educate people on the dangers of [sexual assault] and how to prevent it, that’s one thing, but this seminar almost seemed like it was encouraging the hookup culture that plagues our generation,” the student said. 

The event covered ways to “engage in sexual fantasies” as well as the topic of “kinks.”

The conversation on kinks focused on communicating preferences and boundaries with sexual partners. 

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Organizers made condoms available to students and distributed sex toys as door prizes. They also gave out an interactive booklet and coupons to Adam & Eve, an online adult toy store. 

Students also had the opportunity to win a $25 Amazon gift card. 

Photo Credit: Blakeley Fieldler

Campus Reform reached out to the University of Arkansas and the university health center for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.