UOregon advertises sex toy shop as a 'gender support service'

'As You Like It' offers products like the 'Pop n’ Play Squirting Packer,' the 'Bear Pride Dildo,' and the 'Beginner Kink Set.'

The Dean's website specifically endorses the store's 'gender affirming items including packers, binders, gaffs, harnesses, and breast form,' as well as its 'educational workshops about consent and kink.'

Listed on the University of Oregon’s (UO) Dean of Students student resource webpage is an “eco-conscious, green, gender-inclusive sex toy shop” named “As You Like It.”

The store is among the numerous options featured by the university’s LGBT Education and Support Services and its “Gender-Affirming Support” efforts.

According to its website, As You Like It “honors the diverse desires and needs of the community in Eugene, Oregon.” The store also “[encourages] healthy and satisfying sex lives by offering a high-quality selection of non-toxic, body safe sex toys, lubes, and many other eco-sexy goodies for everybody and every body!”

UO’s Dean of Students promotes the store’s “gender affirming items including packers, binders, gaffs, harnesses, and breast forms,” in addition to its “educational workshops about consent and kink.”

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“[O]ur mission is to provide body-safe products and shame-free sex education, and serve the sexual health needs of our diverse community,” proclaims the shop’s mission statement.

According to the same webpage, As You Like It asserts that “you’ll find in our store”: “Body Positivity,” “Eco-Consciousness,” “Inclusivity,” “Local Products,” and “Sex Positivity.”

As You Like It offers various product categories, the most popular being “Vibrators,” “Lubes,” “Dildos,” “Anal Play,” “Bondage and Kink,” “Sex and Disability,” “Great For Couples,” and “Sex and Age.”

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Products offered by the shop include the “Pop n’ Play Squirting Packer,” the “Bear Pride Dildo,” and the “Beginner Kink Set.” 

As You Like It also features a blog written by “Sex Toy Experts.”

The most recent article, “What Does Pride Mean in 2023?,” states that “queerness is about disrupting hetero-patriarchal spaces and challenging the status quo.” 

The piece also features commentary from staff, including an individual known as “Win” who uses “it/its” pronouns.

“The first brick at Stonewall wasn’t thrown so that we could get MasterCards with rainbows on them, it was thrown because queer and trans people were tired of the violence,” writes Win. 

“Because we didn’t want to be a part of the heteronormative American Dream. We have our own queer dreams and will fight for them no matter how many times they’re posed as nightmares,” Win continues.

Other blog articles include “Three, or Four, or Maybe More!“ — a guide to “Threesomes, Foursomes, and Moresomes” — and “The Best Buy for Your Booty,” which highlights As You Like It’s anal toy collection in celebration of “Anal August.”

Upcoming events hosted by As You Like It include “Sensual Sensory Exploration with Dirty Lola” on June 14 and “Rope 102: Basic Harnesses with Knotty Productions” on June 28.

Campus Reform has contacted UO for comment about why As You Like It is considered a student resource. Campus Reform also contacted “Dirty Lola,” who declined to comment. This story will be updated accordingly.