UPDATE: Admin threatens to call cops on TPUSA students

New video from a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) event shows a school administrator threatening members with arrest for not relocating to the university’s free-speech zone.

As Campus Reform reported Friday, Professors were caught harassing the president of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln’s TPUSA chapter, chanting things such as “f**k Charlie Kirk” and “TPUSA Nazis.”

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Now, new video has emerged showing an unidentified school administrator who told that same student, Katie Mullen, that she would need to move her table to the campus free-speech zone.

“I’m going to have to ask you guys to move this to the free-speech zone, or we’ll have to have university police remove you. It’s completely up to you,” the administrator explained, to which Mullen replied by pointing out that it’s a public campus.

“Not with propaganda. You can free speech all you want but you cannot hand out propaganda,” the university official remarked, eventually conceding that while “it is” a public university, “this is a reservable area that requires a reservation.”

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“I’ve asked you once. If I have to ask you again I’m going to have to call the police. It’s up to you,” he reiterated, noting that “if you’re on the other side of the two signs,” apparently where the free-speech zone is located, “you’ve got free speech.”

According to Kirk, who later tweeted out the video, the campus police arrived shortly after the exchange took place.

“Her crime? Having the courage to engage in free speech with other students about freedom, limited governments, and free markets,” Kirk stated. “Universities have become so radical that even the topic of freedom is now off limits. Enough is enough.”

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