UPDATE: Christian student elected to SGA after being denied for quoting the Bible

Over the summer, a student was denied a position on SGA’s Supreme Court after she quoted the Bible in her opening speech.

She was recently given a second chance, this time coming out victorious.

In late August, Mya Little became the first Black woman to serve on the University of Houston (UH) Student Government Association (SGA) Supreme Court. The appointment comes after Little was denied the position seemingly for expressing her Christian values.

Campus Reform reported in July on Little’s struggle to obtain enough votes to serve as an associate justice. SGA members accused Little of having “latent bias” because she began her speech with a Bible verse.

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After Campus Reform reported on the incident, Little’s story was picked up by other news outlets, including CBN News and The National Desk

Following her initial rejection, Little made another attempt to obtain a seat on the bench. This time, Little was met with open arms and a more positive outcome. 

Mya Little returned for a second chance of being appointed as an associate justice on the SGA Supreme Court. After running through her credentials, Little stated how she believes they could positively impact her potential appointment,” reported The Daily Cougar, UH’s student newspaper. 

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During the August SGA meeting, Little reaffirmed the fact that she is not biased. 

“I am not only unbiased, but I am compassionate, kind and blessed beyond measures to serve all students here on University of Houston campus,” The Daily Cougar reported Little saying in the meeting. 

Campus Reform reached out to the University of Houston, UH’s SGA, and Mya Little for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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