UPDATE: Lawmakers, anti-trafficking groups condemn University of Tennessee's Sex Week

State legislature passed resolution condemning Sex Week as "outrageous misuse of student fees and grant monies."

Seven groups are petitioning administrators to cancel the event, which they say violates the state's anti-obscenity laws.

State lawmakers; as well as anti-trafficking, safe media, and public policy groups; have all taken action against Sex Week at University of Tennessee (UT), which is scheduled to begin on Sunday.

The state’s House of Representatives passed a nonbinding resolution condemning the event on Monday, according to an article published in The Tennessean, a local news source.

The resolution calls the event an “outrageous misuse of student fees and grant monies” which “fits nowhere within the mission of the University of Tennessee.”

Anti-trafficking, safe media, and public policy groups are also protesting the event, petitioning administrators to cancel on the grounds that it could violate state obscenity laws, creates a hostile environment for women and promotes pornography without discussing its links to sex trafficking.

The petition, which had over 170 signatures at the time of publication, maintains that the content of the events, combined with the age of some of the students invited, could violate a state law which “makes any obscene material exposures to minors or distribution of obscene materials, illegal and prosecutable.”

The groups protesting include Concerned Women for America, Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking, Enough is Enough, Trafficking in America Task Force, and Pink Cross Foundation, according to a news release.

The events scheduled include a masturbation workshop and a Q&A with a porn actress.

The Sex Week, planned for March 2-7, would be the school’s second annual.

Lawmakers also protested last year's Sex Week after a Campus Reform article highlighted the event; in response, the school slashed $11,145 of state funds from the event.

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