UPDATE: Rittenhouse no longer enrolled in ASU Online ahead of protest demanding the 'violent blood-thirsty murderer' be removed

After Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges in connection to his incident of self defense during the Kenosha riots, leftist students continue to accuse him of being a racist and a murderer

UPDATE: Campus Reform has confirmed that as of Monday, Rittenhouse is no longer enrolled in the ASU Online program, with the university stating that he is “not currently enrolled in any classes at ASU” and still “has not gone through the ASU admissions process.”


Arizona State University students are pressuring the administration to “withdraw” Kyle Rittenhouse from the school’s online program, calling him a “violent blood-thirsty murderer”.

Rittenhouse is currently enrolled in the ASU Online program, and could have even maintained his enrollment had he been convicted of a crime, given that ASU does not require criminal background checks for this programs.

ASU reportedly confirmed to 12News in early November that while Rittenhouse had not gone through the university admissions process, he was at the time “enrolled as a non-degree seeking ASU Online student for the session that started Oct. 13, 2021, which allows students access to begin taking classes as they prepare to seek admission into a degree program at the university.”

On Nov. 19, Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges after killing two criminals and injuring a third in what many have deemed a clear case of self-defense.

Despite the not-guilty verdict, leftist students at ASU continue to slander Rittenhouse as a “racist murderer”. A Change.org petition started by ASU students to remove Rittenhouse from the school refers to his attackers as “victims” and calls for him to “pay for his crimes”.

Echoing this sentiment, Students for Socialism at ASU announced an upcoming protest against Rittenhouse on Twitter, with demands attached.

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“Join us and rally against racist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse being permitted on our campus – Wednesday at 3:30 outside the Nelson Fine Arts Center on campus”, the tweet says.

Demands include withdrawal of Rittenhouse from the university, releasing a statement against “white supremacy and racist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse” -- who shot three white people -- and demanding that school funds be redirected to the multicultural center on campus.

“’Even with a not-guilty verdict from a flawed “justice” system - Kyle Rittenhouse is still guilty to his victims and the families of those victims. Join us to demand from ASU that those demands be met to protect students from a violent blood-thirsty murderer,” the demand letter states.

One of the students referred to Rittenhouse as a “mass shooter”, according to Fox News.

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”The goal of these demands is to let the ASU administration know that we as the ASU community do not feel safe knowing that a mass shooter, who has expressed violent intentions about ‘protecting property’ over people, is so carelessly allowed to be admitted to the school at all,” they said.

These demands are outgrowths of evidence-less claims by the media that Rittenhouse is a white-supremacist murderer. After footage revealed that Rittenhouse was being pursued, attacked, and even had a loaded gun pointed at him from feet away, prominent leftists have held to the narrative that Rittenhouse was the aggressor.

Rittenhouse’s legal representation declined to comment.

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