UPDATE: SFSU documents show divided reactions to Riley Gaines attack

Campus Reform filed a public records request with the university earlier this summer seeking communications records related to the attack of women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines.

After initially failing to provide all documents by the promised deadline, SFSU sent Campus Reform 3 batches of documents showcasing various kinds of reactions they received from the public over the incident.

After months of back and forth with San Francisco State University (SFSU), the university has finally released all documents related to the Apr. 6 attack on conservative speaker and women’s sports activist Riley Gaines. Documents reveal that SFSU has faced heavy amounts of criticism for its handling of the event.   

Criticism of the university comes from two main groups: those condemning the university for allowing the “appalling” assault on Gaines to occur, and transgender advocates calling for the removal of Turning Point USA’s (TPUSA) presence from the university altogether.  

Regarding emails in the first group, one individual named Remington Janssen emailed SFSU on Apr. 10 and stated that “The inaction to maintain the safety of the young woman Ms. Gaines was frankly appalling. Politics or not, I expect the students that assaulted her to be punished and the school to make a formal apology.” 

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Anthony Rivera—another individual—said in an email addressed to Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Jamillah Moore that “I demand to know what action you’re going to take against the violent mob that attacked Riley Gaines on your campus.” He continued with “If you support feminism in the slightest bit, please stand up for women in the face of oppression.”

Documents from the second mentioned group showed that students were angered that TPUSA even had a presence at the university. 

One student, whose name has been redacted, claimed that “The LGBTQ+ community on campus is under attack and I am outraged at the University’s negligence in allowing anti-transgender rhetoric to have a space and a platform in the same University that claims our diversity is an asset to our student body.” 

The student posited that Gaines’ presence and speech at the April event was a Title IX violation.

“I demand that Turning Point USA no longer has a place in our campus community. I demand that Turning Point USA as an organization cannot affiliate themselves with San Francisco State University,” the student wrote. 

Another email sent from an anonymous student also criticized SFSU for allowing Gaines to speak. “I am a proud Gator, and it was absolutely appalling and embarrassing to find out that University resources are planning on being used for anti-trans events on campus,” the student said. 

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Other emails criticized Moore for her response to the attack on Gaines in which she thanked the students for “peacefully” protesting in support of transgender participation in women’s sports. 

Jadon Gauthier is someone who sent one such email. 

“I just had a chance to read your response regarding Riley Gaines being at the school, and was absolutely heartbroken by your response,” he said. 

He continued. “I have seen multiple videos now from the event, and whether we agree anything she said or not, what those students did to her was not only terrible, it was scary. Truly sad to see that response from the university.” 

Similarly, Kimberly Duello wrote to Moore stating that she was “so saddened by your recent remarks/statement regarding the protests surrounding Riley Gaines visit. At a time when our nation needs to be respectful of one another, you supported the protesters who were rude, disrespectful and inappropriate.”

Campus Reform contacted Riley Gaines, Anna Navarrete, Jamillah Moore, SFSU media relations, and TPUSA for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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