UPDATE: UC Davis prof 'still employed' after threatening Jewish journalists with death, home invasion, kidnapping

Decristo was listed as an undergraduate faculty advisor until her university bio disappeared from the school's website Thursday.

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UPDATE: After publication, Director of News and Media Relations James Nash responded to Campus Reform’s request for comment, stating that the original request had gone to a spam folder. Nash directed Campus Reform to a prepared statement from Chancellor Gary S. May, who said he “absolutely condemn[s]” Decristo’s posts and found the comments to be “revolting in every way.” May confirmed that Decristo is still employed, but that the university is “carefully reviewing this matter” to ensure its “response is consistent with universitywide policy and state and federal constitutional protections.”

A University of California Davis assistant professor threatened ‘zionist journalists’ in a social media post that implied threats of murder, home invasion, and kidnapping.

”one group of ppl we have easy access to in the US is all these zionist journalists who spread propaganda & misinformation [sic],” assistant professor of American Studies Jemma Decristo posted to X. “they have houses w addresses, kids in school”

”they can fear their bosses, but they should fear us more 🔪🪓🩸🩸🩸”

Decristo was listed as an undergraduate faculty advisor until her university bio disappeared from the school’s website Thursday, after her post earned her some social media attention.

Descristo has appeared to set her X profile to private. 

Campus Reform reached out to UC Davis to ask what steps the school or law enforcement are taking to prevent Descristo from killing Jewish journalists, such as this publication’s Editor in Chief Zachary Marschall. 

”A simple Google search of me shows that I am a Jewish journalist on the record as pro-Israel,” Marschall wrote to the university. “What steps are UC Davis or law enforcement taking to prevent Decristo from trying to kill me, or other Jews (and their children) in my profession?”

The university did not respond to our request for comment.