UPDATE: UNC hides anti-golfing guidelines

The University of North Carolina has password protected its microaggressions guidelines after Campus Reform reported on them last Friday.

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Only UNC employees and students with a school ID and password can now access the list.

The school also added a distancing “Editor’s note” at the top of the guidelines, informing readers that “this blog post does not represent University policy. The piece was compiled from research and published scholarly works in response to Forum members’ interest in the topic of microaggressions.”

Displayed below is the password protected microaggressions guidelines, along with the Editor’s note.

UPDATE: Charles Streeter, Chair of the UNC Employee Forum, provided the following statement to Campus Reform explaining the decision to password-protect the page:

"We have received threatening emails and phone calls about this article and are concerned about the safety of the staff. Some people outside the university have assumed that the Employee Forum makes policy for the university and we do not."

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