UPDATE: UW Board of Regents SWITCHES vote, now accepts $800 million deal to trim DEI personnel

Just days before, the board rejected the deal in a narrow 9-8 vote.

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents has overturned its recent vote to reject an $800 million deal that would require it to cut back on DEI personnel. The board switched its vote Wednesday night.

Just days before, the board rejected the deal in a narrow 9-8 vote. Wednesday’s vote approved the deal with a 11-6 split.

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The deal revises approximately 43 DEI jobs into roles directly supporting all students and places a hiring freeze on DEI jobs from 2024-2026 .

In return, the UW System will receive $800 million to spend on employee salary increases, in addition to creating new campus buildings and renovating existing ones.

“I thank the Board of Regents for approving this agreement that will deliver more than $800 million in projects, initiatives, and withheld pay to our employees,” said President of University of Wisconsin System Jay Rothman.

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”It was clear last Saturday that the board did not have sufficient time to discuss this document,” said board member Ken Walsh, who originally opposed the proposal, when explaining why the matter went to a second vote.

The proposal also grants guaranteed admission into UW-Madison for the state’s top 5% of high school graduates, in addition to guaranteed admission into the other UW schools for the top 10% of high schoolers.