UPenn professor condemns ‘White evangelicals’ as a ‘public health issue’

University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler joined Joy Reid on MSNBC’s The Reid Out, where she condemned "White Evangelicals" for vaccine skepticism.

Butler insisted that there would be “many funerals in those churches” for not wearing masks and believing “Jesus is going to save them.”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid hosted University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler on The ReidOut, where both Reid and Butler slammed “White Evangelicals” who choose not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, be it for skepticism or religious concerns. 

Reid insisted that “White evangelical resistance” is a “public health problem” and that churches are “preaching against the vaccine.” Butler, a professor of Africana Studies who also served as a Catholics for Biden co-chair, concurred with Reid by insisting that countless people would die as a result of the decision not to vaccinate.

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“We’re going to have a lot of funerals in those churches where they refuse to wear masks and everything else because they believe Jesus is going to save them and that, ‘It’s just my time.’” 

Butler also called White Christians “racist” for calling COVID-19 the “Chinese Virus” and said liberal evangelicals are tired of conservative evangelicals’ “homophobia.” 

“When you put this on top of the racism, where they’re calling... the Coronavirus ‘The Chinese virus’, and all these other things that, you know, their lord and savior Donald Trump said, you have to wonder what is really wrong with these people that they continue to go against the best interests of not just themselves, but the rest of the society in order to be recalcitrant.”

“What is happening now is that you see a lot younger people, and people who have been disgusted with the movement, disgusted with the racism, disgusted with the homophobia and everything else, who are leaving in droves. We start to see the numbers going down,” she added.

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Butler concluded the segment by saying the Biden Administration should consider expanding the Supreme Court if the right pushes back more on Roe v. Wade. 

“This is one of the things that the Biden administration will have to think about, whether or not they want to expand the court, what happens with the court, what will the court do if they get a Roe versus Wade case up there, because abortion is not only thing evangelicals want....Evangelicals want to be in power, and that’s the bottom line.”

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