UTSA student says sorority kicked her out over pro-Trump TikTok

Jaycie Barton, a student at the University of Texas at San Antonio, was kicked out of her sorority for filming and posting a pro-Trump TikTok.

Barton had posted an 8-second TikTok video of pro-police and pro-Trump demonstrators.

University of Texas at San Antonio’s Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) sorority kicked sister Jaycie Barton out of the organization after she filmed a pro-Trump TikTok.

Barton, who provided Campus Reform with the original TikTok, told Campus Reform that she filmed it during a Back the Blue rally at her local courthouse.

“I was walking down the sidewalk and took a video of all the signs there,” she explained. “A random person holding an All Lives Matter sign in the Tik Tok is what started this controversy. I have no idea who the person was or what their name even was.”

Barton said that a sister requested for a judicial hearing since the All Lives Matter sign was “extremely hurtful to sisters and violated Zetas policies and bylaws.”

“The statement All Lives Matter is extremely hurtful to our sisters and is very unsisterly,” says ZTA’s charges as reported by the Washington Examiner and confirmed as accurate by Barton. “ZTA stands for Black Lives Matter and the statement All Lives Matter goes against ZTA’s belief.”

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To her knowledge, the University of Texas at San Antonio has not been involved in the situation. When Campus Reform contacted the school for comment, they referred Campus Reform to ZTA. 

“I don’t believe I was treated fairly whatsoever in this situation,” Barton told Campus Reform. “Keep in mind, I wasn’t even holding the sign.”

She further asserted that the sorority advocates for mental health, yet “allowed the amount of bullying” toward her “to continue throughout the chapter with no discipline.”

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“Multiple girls commented and tweeted about me, calling me racist, and there was a lot of talk throughout the entire sorority,” she added.

Campus Reform reached out to ZTA and will update this article if a response is received.

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