UW Madison hosts event for 'white identifying LGBTQ+ folks'

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is hosting an event aimed at “white identifying LGBTQ+ folks.”

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is hosting an event on Nov. 28, titled, “Whiteness in Queer Spaces,” inviting students to a “discussion on whiteness in LGBTQ+ spaces and community.” The Gender and Campus Sexuality Center is sponsoring the event.

“This is an intended [sic] for space, meaning intended for white identifying LGBTQ+ folks to address and discuss their role in oppressive whiteness in queer spaces, community, and beyond,” the event description reads.

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“We make programming about race and ethnicity available to all students because research shows that students of color here report a less favorable experience (for example, being more likely to experience harassing or hostile behavior) than white students,” UW Madison spokeswoman Meredith McGlone told Campus Reform. “Our goal is for all students to feel welcome and able to thrive.”
“We do not discriminate based on race, gender or other characteristics – events are always open to anyone who wishes to attend,” McGlone added.

UW Madison renamed its LGBT Center the “Gender and Sexuality Campus Center” to include students who identify with labels outside of the four included in LGBT.

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A March 2018 study conducted by Campus Reform found that 95 percent of student fees going toward partisan student organizations at UW Madison went to groups of a left-leaning perspective.

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