UW-River Falls includes 'Why 'All Cops Are B*****ds'' as recommended reading in its 'Guide to Allyship'

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls posted the recommended reading on a webpage in 2020 before taking it down this week after criticism in the local press.

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging office was responsible for posting the article on its 'Education & Resources for Allies' webpage.

A diversity office at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls hosted an “Education & Resources for Allies” webpage which promoted an article titled “A Guide to Allyship: Black Lives Matter & Why ‘All Cops Are B*****ds.’”

Listed at the top of the the now-removed UW-River Falls Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging office’s “Education & Resources for Allies” webpage, one reading titled “Justice for George Floyd: A Guide to Allyship,” is listed. The guide proudly explains “Why ‘All Cops Are B*****ds.’”

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The reading recommended by UW-River falls states that the notion that “individual cops can be good” is “rooted in white supremacist mythology.”

”The claim that individual cops can be good is rooted in white supremacist mythology that suggests racism is an individual act committed by anybody. Policing is not a question of individualism,” the reading stated. “It is not as if a random individual gets a gun, a badge, a police car, and a blue uniform. The police are a highly organized institution with systemic power. In order to understand any institution, it is important you start with the history of that institution, the institution of modern day policing evolved from the slave patrol system.”

Additionally, the university-recommended reading states that “to suggest that there are good cops is like saying there’s good slave patrols or good colonizers.”

Even if police officers have “good intentions,” the university-recommended reading contends that it doesn’t “change the fact that the system they work for criminalizes the whole Black community.”

The article also states that police “protect Nazis and white supremacists,” “do not stop gender violence, they cause it,” and argues that “police have not kept schools safer.”

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The university-recommended article even states that “we must abolish the police.” 

”We need to reinvest in communities and strengthen other forms of conflict resolution outside of the ones upheld by racist and sexist institutions,” the reading states.

Going beyond peaceful protesting, the reading also states that “riots work.”

”Many problems highlighted by peaceful protests are ignored until a real disturbance is created,” the reading stated.

Beth Schommer, the chief of staff for the UW-River Falls Chancellor’s Office, told Empower Wisconsin that the link was posted by mistake, and wasn’t done intentionally.

“We are terribly under-resourced in terms of our ability to oversee all the different web pages we have,” Schommer told Empower Wisconsin, explaining that individual campus departments don’t completely look through the web-pages before they are posted. 

Schommer told the organization that the university will be taking a closer look at the Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging webpage to review its content before the fall semester.

The “Education & Resources for Allies” page was posted to the school’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging’s website on June 9, 2020, and was removed after Wisconsin Right Now reported on the webpage’s content on June 22, 2021. 

Dina Fassino, the director of the University Communications and Marketing office at UW-River Falls told Campus Reform that the university regrets the posting of the anti-police document “and have taken steps to develop a process for reviewing such content in the future.”