Vandals deface flyers at Harvard of children held hostage by Hamas: 'Vile antisemitism'

'Jews are neither safe nor welcomed at Harvard,' one student said.

Several posters picturing missing Israelis being held hostage by Hamas were vandalized at Harvard University.

The posters were reported being seen at the Cambridge, Massachusetts campus as students returned to Harvard for the spring semester, according to the Daily Mail.

Among the messages written over the posters are “Israel did 9/11,” “9/11 Truth Now,” “Head Still On,” “Sure, Jan!,” and “I knew Epstein personally!”

One student at Harvard told the outlet that this shows Harvard isn’t safe for Jewish students.

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”Jews are neither safe nor welcomed at Harvard,” Shabbos Kestenbaum said.

The student is also suing Harvard and seeking a refund in tuition over the university’s alleged failure to respond to anti-Semitism on campus.

”We have no reason to believe the spring semester will be any better, and actually a lot of reason to believe that there will be increased and intensified acts of antisemitism given the accelerated antisemitic posts on social media,” Kestenbaum previously said.

The university recently faced criticism over the appointment of a professor who has criticized Israel to its anti-Semitism task force, as reported by Campus Reform.

Harvard’s Interim President Alan Garber made the announcement in an email to community members on Friday, stating that Professor of Jewish History in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Derek Penslar will co-chair the task force.

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Penslar signed a letter in August that accused Israel of running a “regime of apartheid.”

”Without equal rights for all, whether in one state, two states, or in some other political framework, there is always a danger of dictatorship. There cannot be democracy for Jews in Israel as long as Palestinians live under a regime of apartheid, as Israeli legal experts have described it,” the letter states.