'Victims of Socialism' event triggers Bernie-loving students

Members of the University at Buffalo’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter were recently blamed for vandalizing their own flyers, only for a liberal student to confess responsibility.

“Just 2 weeks until our speaker event! Some of our flyers were missing today, so we graciously replaced them for your convenience!,” YAF tweeted on November 20, accompanied by a picture showing numerous gaps where posters were removed.

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The posters in question were advertisements for the clubs upcoming event called “The Victims of Socialism,” with the posters featuring a grimacing Sen. Bernie Sanders, reading “Feel the Burn: How Socialism Harmed Millions.”

One student, Erica Dombrowski, later bragged about tearing down the posters, tweeting a picture with the caption “You're so right!!! I love it so much I took it home!”

YAF’s secretary, Haley Claire, thanked Dombrowski for “the support,” to which Dombrowski responded by saying “anything from your fav raging liberal.”

Dombrowski later claimed that her actions were “a joke,” telling Campus Reform that she thinks there are better reasons to protest YAF, like “paying a racist to denounce Muslims while also stating that Christianity has never been a violent religion.”

“I could care less about this rekindled hate for Bernie y’all have,” she added.

Another student was evidently more sensitive to the criticism, and tweeted a picture of the poster at the Democratic Socialists of America club, which responded with a picture of skeleton giving the middle finger.

YAF responded to the vandalism of its flyers with some good-natured ribbing, speculating that “either people on campus love our posters so much they try to take them home...or they don’t like the fact that a campus club is revealing the truths behind Socialism.”

In response, some students accused YAF of vandalizing its own posters in an attempt to draw more attention to the event, with student Zachary Eaton tweeting that “YAF rips their own posters off the wall.”

“YAF likes to try to manufacture controversy to feed their delusions of white victimhood and it looks like they’re up to their classic ways by ripping their own posters down so they can tweet about someone ripping them down,” Eaton told Campus Reform.

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Campus Reform reached out to John Dellacontrada, the University at Buffalo Associate Vice President for Media Relations, to inquire into whether or not there would be any consequences for students who vandalized posted materials on campus.

“University Police have not received a complaint about the alleged incident,” Dellacontrada replied. ‘However, the university’s Office of Student Life is looking into this matter.”

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