VIDEO: For $100, students can’t name time conservatives shut down liberals on campus

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips headed to University of Georgia to see if any students there could name any such instances.

It's a common occurrence for liberals to shut down or silence conservatives on college campuses.

What is not common, however, is the opposite: conservatives shutting down liberals on college campuses.

In the past year, dozens of speakers on college campuses around the country have been shut down as a result of violence, protests, and intimidation. 

While these events took place on a variety of campuses for a plethora of reasons, nearly every event had one thing in common: It was liberal students and protesters shutting down conservative speakers. While some might think of the suppression of free speech on college campuses as being a problem coming from both sides, the facts show otherwise.

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While Campus Reform couldn’t find any instance in the past year where conservatives shut down a liberal speaker, maybe college students themselves could. Hoping a $100 bill might help jog their memory, Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips headed to the University of Georgia campus to ask a simple question: can you name a time conservative students shut down a liberal speaker on any campus? 

It quickly became clear that nobody would be pocketing an extra $100. 

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“No, I don’t think I can name any. I wish I could, but no…” one student admitted. 

Another conceded, “I honestly would believe that that hasn’t happened before.”

All day, student after student failed to produce a single instance.  

What did students say when Campus Reform asked why the problem is so one-sided? Watch the full video to find out!

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