VIDEO: Alleged school employee storms College Repubs meeting

An alleged University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign employee disrupted a College Republicans meeting Thursday night and vandalized their property before cops dragged her away.

According to video of the incident obtained by Campus Reform, a woman identified by CR members as Angela King, an employee in the school’s Capital Planning department, barged into the meeting before proceeding to shove one of the presenters, Breelyn Mehrtens, who tried to persuade King to leave.

“You’re touching my body! This is assault!” King shouted while Mehrtens tried to grab her by around the waist and remove her from the room after she had initially begun vandalizing their property, though Mehrtens repeatedly explained that she was merely trying to restrain King from causing any further damage.

She proceeded to continue to march through the classroom, tearing up all of the materials belonging to the club and forcing them to pause their meeting while the police were called.

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King was apparently outraged that the College Republicans had invited Ivan Dozier and Breelyn Mehrtens of the Honor the Chief Society, a group that hopes to bring back the school’s now-defunct mascot of Chief Illiniwek, to speak at the meeting.

“Both Ivan and Breelyn representing ‘Honor the Chief’ are Native American. The irony of the situation is palpable,” Andrew Minik, a College Republicans member in attendance, told Campus Reform.

“Do you work for the university?” one member in attendance asked King, to which another member responded affirmatively, saying, “she works for the university.”

King initially denied having done anything wrong, then briefly left the room, only to return and continue to occupy the meeting for several more minutes. 

Two police officers eventually showed up after King had finished her rampage and taken a seat at the front of the room, asking her to step into the hallway so the meeting could proceed, though she refused until police were finally able to escort her out of the room.

“By oppressing the voices of those of us who try to be civil and factual, they have given all of the power to the activists who get their way by destroying property and attacking students. I am absolutely sickened by the fact that I had to witness a university employee enter the room and behead my likeness,” Dozier told Campus Reform, referencing the point at which King ripped up a poster of his face.

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“I hope this is the wake-up call that the university needs to finally give us the opportunity to open up this dialogue and revisit the mistakes of the past so that we can move forward, together,” he added.

A University of Illinois Police Department official told Campus Reform that officers confronted individuals “involved in a minor dispute,” but added that “no one was arrested as both people involved made unfavorable decisions.”

“We cannot confirm the names of anyone involved as there were no arrests made,” the official added.

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