[VIDEO] Armed security official orders pro-life student protester off Christian University’s campus, rips sign from her hands

A video posted to YouTube on Monday depicts an armed security official ordering a student off Biola University’s (BU) campus for displaying a graphic pro-life sign in a public area.

In the video, Chief of Campus Safety John Ojeisekhoba also snatched a pro-life sign from BU senior Diana Jimenez and threatened to expel her from the school prior to graduation.

“You have been told not to bring those signs, okay?” said Ojeisekhoba. “I’m going to kick you of campus. We’ll bring the Sheriff. We’ll get you out of here. Whatever it takes to get you out of here.”

A rattled Jimenez, however, refused to abandon her solitary protest at the private Christian school instead telling the two security officials “you can” call the authorities.

Ojeisekhoba then threatened to prevent her from attending her graduation ceremony the following week.

“I’m telling you here,” he said. “You are supposed to graduate next week. If I kick you off this campus, you cannot graduate. If I tell you you can’t have a physical presence on this campus, you can’t come in here.”

WATCH: Armed security orders pro-life student protester off campus
EDITOR’S NOTE: Graphic content depicted in the video

It is unclear from the video whether or not Jimenez eventually complied and left campus or if police were called to the scene.

A spokesperson for Biola University was not available for comment to Campus Reform at the time of publication. However, the school’s official university Facebook account acknowledged the incident in a statement.

“The issue is that when images and posters are displayed on campus, students must go through a formal process of approval through Student Development and secure approval before images can be displayed,” said the statement posted on Facebook. “These policies were disregarded in this instance.”

“Campus Safety intervened only when these directives were once again disregarded on Friday May 17,” it added.

Jimenez could not be reached for comment by Campus Reform by the time of publication.

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