[VIDEO] Bachmann, Palin are misogynists, explains student

College students at a conference hosted by the organization formerly known Campus Progress told Campus Reform on Tuesday that the Republican Party is composed mostly of misogynists and racists.

“The [racism] is internalized, just like the internalized misogyny, even for the women being internalized misogynists,” one student said Tuesday at the Washington, DC Generation Progress conference.

She gave Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin as examples of female Republican misogynists.

WATCH: Student says Republican Party is made up mostly of racists, misogynists 

A misogynist is someone who hates girls and women.

Another student said that the country needs to forget about the rules set out by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“I think the idea of holding this conceptualized idealistic framework of the founders needs to die right now,” he said.

Some students had misconceptions about Republican policies. For example, one said he disliked Republicans because they “voted to double” student loan rate, when really the doubling was due to inaction from Congress. 

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