VIDEO: Capitalist weighs in on socialism's rising popularity among young Americans

Zegers discussed the need to highlight how capitalism can benefit and help poorer Americans.

Campus Reform spoke to Young Americans Against Socialism founder Morgan Zegers at CPAC 2020.

Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret spoke to Morgan Zegers, founder and CEO of Young Americans Against Socialism (YAAS) at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Zegers talked about her organization, its mission, and the rise of socialism in America. 

Neret and Zegers began the interview discussing effective messaging against socialism among young students.

“The most interesting thing that I noticed...when I speak on college campuses, the thing that really lights the eyes up of the students in the classroom is talking about how we have capitalism and how capitalism has had its flaws, but how our limited, democratic process of government has stepped in…[and] provided solutions for the issues of capitalism,” Zegers said. 

Zegers also slammed the notion that capitalism leaves poor individuals behind to suffer, as Sen. Bernie Sanders has suggested. 

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“We have a lot of really great systems to provide for the people who are down on their luck in the United States,” Zegers argued. “I believe in a ‘hand up’ though. And so I’m a proud taxpayer. I pay taxes. When they go to unemployment benefits to help people get a ‘hand up’ in society and to get back onto their feet, I love that.”

“Communicating with young people and saying we have some really great programs that help people, both consumers and workers, [to] protect them in the workplace, I think it really shows them that we’re not here to just be some absolute conservative organization.” 

When asked why she thought socialism was on the rise on college campuses, Zegers pointed to a “general issue of ignorance.” 

“They really don’t know that socialism equals seizing the means of production,” Zegers said. 

She also criticized Sanders for equating socialism with Nordic capitalism. 

“What we need to make sure is that people our age understand that Nordic Europe relies on capitalism, and that yes they have big government programs, yes they have high taxes, but no matter what, they are on a foundation of a market economy, a capitalist economy.” 

Zegers told Campus Reform she feels “very optimistic about the future of the country.” 

“We just have to properly message these values,” Zegers added. 

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In terms of long term plans for YAAS, Zegers said the organization will focus on social media political messaging for young Americans. 

“In 2020 what we’re going to be doing is focusing on the three issues that our generation cares about the most...talking about climate change and environmental issues, the affordability of healthcare, and of course the student loan crisis,” Zegers explained. 

“We’re going to be talking about how socialism doesn’t solve those issues in the best way possible.”

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