VIDEO: Conservative activist attacked by protesters

A Leadership Institute employee was allegedly assaulted and had his cell phone damaged by a protester at Wednesday night’s Charles Murray lecture.

As Campus Reform reported Wednesday, the event was effectively shut down by protesters who repeatedly disrupted Murray throughout his talk before proceeding to take their demonstration outside, where Regional Field Coordinator Nathan Berning was filming.

A video obtained by Campus Reform shows Berning filming a group of protesters until one of them knocks his phone to the ground while another proceeds to throw it from the plaza where the demonstration occurred to the street below, all of which was caught on tape.

“A subject reportedly dropped his phone when he was assaulted by an unknown male. A third subject picked up the phone and threw it from the plaza to the street below. The phone was recovered and the subject who threw the phone was identified,” a crime log on the incident confirms.

Additionally, a police report obtained by Campus Reform identifies “Melandy Bennyra Crespo” as being "involved" in the “property damage” incident.

“On several occasions, I was physically assaulted, with the most notable example happening after the protesters who had made their way into the event came outside,” Berning recounted, saying he “was hit several times by a protester” who attempted to delete the recording, “at which point he handed it to a woman who threw it.”

Berning confirmed that he would be pressing charges against both parties.

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