VIDEO: The craziest campus leftists of all time

Campus Reform is taking a look back at some of the craziest campus leftists.

Remember Trigglypuff? We've seen and covered just about everything.

Campus Reform is counting down the craziest outbursts from triggered leftist students. 

Whether it’s social justice warriors blocking streets and shutting down events, or Antifa members assaulting conservative students, we’ve seen and covered it all at Campus Reform

From the West Coast to the East Coast, leftist students have been captured on video melting down, lashing out, and threatening conservatives. 


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1. Protesters go crazy during ‘The Triggering’ event at UMass

When Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, and Christina Hoff Sommers spoke together at an event titled “The Triggering” at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, protesters did their best to shut things down. One protester, later labeled “Trigglypuff” by social media users, gained nationwide attention for her childlike outburst.


2. Conservative attacked by leftists at UC Berkeley

Conservative activist Hayden Williams was on campus at the University of California-Berkeley when an angry leftist approached his table, threatening him and the students with him. When Williams pulled out his phone to record the incident, a man later identified as Zachary Greenberg, sucker-punched him, before threatening to shoot him. The incident sparked national outrage, eventually leading to President Donald Trump bringing Williams on stage to laud his courage at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference.


3. Student freaks out over Trump sign on campus

A student at Western Washington University lost her mind at the sight of a Donald Trump sign on campus, shrieking incoherently at the man holding it for more than two minutes. At one point, a university employee runs to the scene to offer help, thinking the student was screaming for help, at which point the crazed student can be heard saying “oh no, I’m good,” before continuing her yelling.

4. Conservative student says leftist student assaulted him

A conservative student at Sacramento State University was allegedly assaulted by a leftist peer following a social media disagreement. The assailant, who shouted “motherf**ker, you’re going to end up f**king dead” and called the conservative student an “Uncle Tom,” had to be forcibly restrained by multiple people before fleeing the scene.


5.  Trigglypuff 2.0: Social justice warriors triggered at KU

At the University of Kansas, a group of leftist students attempted to shut down a Young Americans for Freedom meeting after becoming enraged at the group’s stance against “safe spaces” on campus. In the video obtained by Campus Reform, protesters can be seen berating the conservative students, leading some online to refer to the incident as Trigglypuff 2.0.



6. Leftist students threaten, mob conservative group on campus

At Binghamton University, a leftist mob of over 200 descended upon a Turning Point USA table on campus. Police had to be called after some in the crowd made threats towards the conservative students, before tearing down their table and discarding their property. In response, Rep. Tom Reed visited the school to offer his support to the conservative students, meeting with Binghamton’s President to express his concern over the incident.


7. Dartmouth College #BlackLivesMatter protest

At Dartmouth, Black Lives Matter protesters stormed the library during finals week, demanding students join in their protest. One student can be heard asking them to leave, saying “I have a final tomorrow.”


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