VIDEO: Cubans Warn Students About Marxist Indoctrination

Campus Reform video reporter Addison Smith spoke with several Cuban protestors outside of the White House earlier this week. They were urging President Biden to intervene in the Cuba Crisis, but also had a warning for college students about Marxist indoctrination on campus. 

“When Fidel Castro the Dictator came into power... He took the guns from everybody, and then he killed the smart, intelligent intellectuals... And then, they indoctrinate everybody: They send them to schools — to special schools — to indoctrinate you.” 

Another protester warned similar indoctrination is taking place on America’s college campuses.

”I went through the college system here in the United States, and it’s just obvious that that’s what’s happening.” 

While many Democrats Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have blamed the Cuba crisis on the U.S. embargo, Efren Ferro, who fled Communist Cuba, told Campus Reform that the embargo is not the problem. 

“The Democrats are taking a lot of time. They are talking and talking, but they are not giving us any answers. Yesterday, [President Biden] said that he wanted to lift the embargo, but that’s not what we’re asking for…. [All that will do] is let the dictatorships have more money to control the people… It’s Communism: everything they want to do is control… We want a change in the government.” 

Ferro also pushed back against claims that the Cuban protests are calls for more COVID-19 vaccines. 

“Cuba made their own vaccine. They have it… That’s not what they’re protesting for… There’s no good care in Cuba, so it’s not because of the COVID-19.

Smith talked to another protestor who expressed similar sentiments, claiming that Cubans are not protesting “lack of food, or the lack of medicine”, but “the lack of freedom”.

“Communism kills; They take everything… They tell you what to think, what to feel, they even control what music you listen to…  In Cuba, after 62 years of Communism, kids are getting shot in the streets just for chanting ‘freedom’... The problem is not the lack of food, or the lack of medicine, it’s the lack of freedom. If we had freedom, we would have food and medicine.”

Watch the full video above.

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