VIDEO: Should Democrat Party pay slavery reparations? Young people think so

Most students supported the idea, and agreed that the Democratic Party should pay reparations for its past support of slavery.

Campus Reform recently spoke to young Americans about paying reparations to the descendants of slaves.

Campus Reform recently asked young Americans if they support reparations for slavery. Most said they supported the idea.

“In principle, it seems like a totally tight idea,” one individual responded.

“Yeah of course,” another added. “I just feel like [descendants of slaves] deserve it.”


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Campus Reform then asked who should be responsible for paying reparations: every American, or those institutions and organizations who were most responsible.

“I believe everyone should,” one individual said.

“It should be everyone, but it should also be the people that...the descendants [of slave owners] should be able to pay more, especially if they have like...if they’re wealthy,” another person said.

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Campus Reform then asked if the Democrats and the Democratic Party should pay for reparations since the party previously supported and defended slavery. Most individuals agreed that the Democratic Party should be held accountable.

“By what you’re saying, I’d say, like, yes” one person agreed.

“Yeah, I believe the Democratic Party should pay for them because they were the ones that believed and wanted to keep the slaves, so they should be the ones that should be paying for it,” another added.

“It should be the Democrats paying,” another individual said. “The Republicans didn’t do it...they were trying to end slavery.”

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