[VIDEO] D’Souza: US colleges need ‘renegades’ and ‘guerrillas’ to fight for conservatism on campus

Liberal bias has turned American campuses “hostile territory” for conservatives, commentator Dinesh D’Souza told Campus Reform at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) earlier this month.

D’Souza, who is the former president of the conservative King’s College in New York City and founder of a conservative independent student publication at Dartmouth College, said students today should follow his example by fighting bias as renegades and guerrillas.

“The solution is not to placidly accept what is going on to but to think of creative ways to fight back,” he said. “When we were in college we became renegades and guerrillas in a way.”

“You have to be,” he continued. “If you are a conservative in a liberal campus and you conserve you are going to end up conserving liberalism.”

WATCH: Dinesh D’Souza encourages conservative students to be ‘guerrillas’ on campus

The few conservative colleges in the country are part of that minority movement, he told Campus Reform.

“Ultimately, Hillsdale or Kings College can’t threaten the mainstream of academia,” he said. “If you’re a conservative scholar, there may be great value in going to teach at Tulane or Ohio State, rather than just simply going into a conservative camp where you’re less needed.”

“You’re more needed in the mainstream,” he concluded.

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