VIDEO: Even liberal college students don't want Speaker Nancy Pelosi

But some college students who spoke with Campus Reform aren't sure that Pelosi was the best option for Democrats.

Democrats in Washington voted Thursday for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) for Speaker of the House.

Democrats in Washington, D.C. voted once again to elect Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House.

While her supporters claim Pelosi has ample experience for the job, detractors fear she’s grown out of touch with the party base since being elected in 1987. 

But what do college students think of the move? 

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips headed to George Washington University right down the street from the Capitol to find out. While nearly every student claimed to support the Democrat party, the number who actually supported Pelosi’s election to speaker was far fewer.

When asked what they thought of Rep. Pelosi, students responded with a litany of concerns.

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“I’m not a big fan of her in general… I would like to see someone else,” one student said.

“I don’t like Nancy Pelosi, I would prefer pretty much anyone else,” another lamented.

One student questioned the relatability of those in House Democrat Leadership positions, saying, “when you look around at Democrat leadership, they’re old… I think there’s not one of them under the age of 70.” 

What did the rest of the students have to say? 

Could we find anyone who would come to Pelosi’s defense? 

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