VIDEO: Feminist activist wears plastic bags over shoes to mock female Senator Joni Ernst

While attending a pro-abortion celebration this past weekend, the secretary for Florida’s National Organization for Women chapter was caught wearing plastic bags over her shoes in an attempt to mock Sen. Joni Ernst (R).

In her GOP response to the State of the Union, Ernst, a freshman senator from Iowa, recalled wearing plastic bags over her one good pair of shoes in order to keep them from getting ruined on rainy days.

Bonni Axler, Florida’s NOW secretary, donned plastic Target bags over her own shoes while attending a pro-abortion celebration in Tampa over the weekend.

“She was poor? That was the response to the State of the Union address. That was the Republican response to the State of the Union address,” Axler told Campus Reform.

Axler made fun of Ernst’s story of growing up poor because she said Ernst’s family farm received government subsidies.

Several women also attending Roe on the Rocks: Celebrate Choices over the weekend complimented Axler on her Target bags. The celebration featured Diane Price Herndl, professor and chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies department at the University of South Florida, who also delivered a speech at the event.

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