VIDEO: Georgetown students take pledge to end 'urinal privilege'

Campus Reform facetiously asked students at Georgetown University if urinals should be removed from on-campus restrooms in the name of gender equality.

Students took selfies and tweeted out their support for using the hashtag #EndUrinalPrivilege.

The two latest trends sweeping colleges and universities across the U.S. are a demand for gender-neutral bathrooms and peer-to-peer shaming of "privileged" students.

At California Polytechnic University, students recently held a “shit-in” to demand that administrators add more “all gender” restrooms to the 17 existing locations on Cal Poly’s campus. Despite an impending budget crisis, the University of North Texas allocated $100,000 last fall to renovate old restrooms and make them gender-neutral.

“This is a situation where I thought we could be proactive and make this change… You could say it’s an all-human restroom,” Shane McCreery, Illinois State University’s Ethics Officer, told Campus Reform last July when ISU transitioned its family restrooms to “all-gender” lavatories.

During the aforementioned shit-in, Cal Poly students advocating for gender-neutral restrooms told their peers to “check your potty privilege,” joining a long list of uncontrollable traits and convictions that allegedly leave individuals incapable of empathy.

To see just how far students would go to condemn "privilege" and embrace political correctness, Campus Reform facetiously asked students at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. if they would pledge to end "urinal privilege" and ensure all restrooms are truly gender neutral.

Watch: Georgetown students take pledge to end “urinal privilege”

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