VIDEO: Hillary voters know more about Harambe than Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (D) is apparently less well-known to college students than Harambe the gorilla, perhaps because Kaine has yet to become a meme.

Campus Reform recently visited the University of Cincinnati to speak with some young Hillary supporters, and while all of them instantly recognized a photo of Harambe, hardly any could identify the man running for the second-highest office in the land.

“That’s Harambe! Our favorite person in Cincinnati,” one student remarked upon being shown the first photo.

The Harambe picture set most of the students giggling, but reactions to a subsequent image of Tim Kaine elicited only blank stares from the Clinton fans at UC.

“Nope,” one student answered when asked if she recognized the man in the picture, though she did assert confidently that “it’s not Harambe.”

“This is why I wish I had cable,” one young man lamented after fruitlessly pondering the picture for some time.

Even when the students were given a hint and told that the man in the photograph “has something to do with Hillary Clinton,” they continued to struggle, though one of them did finally arrive at the correct answer when Kaine’s first name was supplied.

“Maybe he needs to start a hashtag, I don’t know,” one student speculated after learning the identity of the man in the snapshot.

“I’ve heard nothing about Tim Kaine,” a young woman noted with an air of surprise. “I didn’t even know that [he and Hillary] were running together.”

For more, watch the full video on YouTube.

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