VIDEO: Hillary voters struggle to name a single accomplishment

Clinton supporters at Georgetown University struggled to name a single accomplishment that qualifies Hillary Clinton to become President.

This week, Fox News released a poll indicating the majority of Americans view Hillary Clinton as a positive role model.

Campus Reform wanted to see if this same sentiment rang true on college campuses, and if young voters could point to a major accomplishment that indicated Secretary Clinton makes for a good role model.

To find out, I went to Georgetown University and first asked students who they were planning to vote for in November, followed by whether they agreed with the findings of the poll.

After discovering the vast majority of students interviewed were Hillary Clinton supporters who agreed that she was a strong role model, I asked if they could point to a single accomplishment or experience which stood out to them.

It soon became abundantly clear that most of them could not.


“No, I cannot think of something off the top of my head,” responded one student, while another added “I wish I had a good answer for that honestly… I don’t.”

One student was more up front, saying simply “I can’t think of anything.”

When pressed further, one young voter said her years of government experience make her a role model, telling me “the fact that she’s worked in government before says a lot, and makes her qualified.”

Watch the full video here to see the rest of the responses!

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