VIDEO: ‘I love sacrificing children’: Pro-life rally turns into megaphone battle

A pro-life rally at the University of North Texas (UNT) took a turn for the worse when counter protestors showed up with megaphones and whistles.

A pro-life rally at the University of North Texas (UNT) took a turn for the worse when counter protestors showed up with megaphones and whistles. 

The event was put on by UNT’s Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) chapter and initially involved students standing in solemn silence for babies they contend were murdered by abortions. 

The tone of the night quickly shifted when pro-abortion activists arrived and clashed with the demonstrating students. Both sides began yelling back and forth, screaming phrases over their megaphones and blowing whistles to silence the opposing view. 

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Campus Reform obtained a video that was taken at the protest. 

In the video, both the pro-life activists and the pro-abortion activists can be heard shouting phrases back and forth.

“I love sacrificing children. It is my favorite pastime,” one counter protestor exclaims. 

Multiple students also chanted, “F**k your God,” in response to the pro-life activists chanting, “Jesus is King.”

Chairman Emeritus of YCT at UNT and event organizer Kelly Neidert, told Campus Reform that the rally was held as a “peaceful way to get our message across,” although the event did not stay peaceful for long.

“There was a counter protestor attempting to fight us and they were poking at our chests. Several students protesting were being held back by their friends.”

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YCT member and student at the University of Dallas Andy Armato provided video of the event to Campus Reform.

“It’s fine to disagree. In fact, it is American to disagree. But the idea that you can just disrupt completely the peacefulness and calmness of passive believers in a movement is not American,” Armato told Campus Reform.

According to Armato, the event started off peacefully, but when the counter protestors arrived, all that took place was leaders on both sides yelling at each other, even going as far as “some guy aggressively poking our chests and [telling] us to kill ourselves.”

“I understand that with issues that hold as much weight as abortion it is easy for people on both sides of the issue to feel completely righteous in any action they take to hinder the other side, but it does not excuse such un-American and un-civil action as displayed by the pro-choice side at UNT that night.”

“I can only hope that in this point in history, after all of the genius men and women who have founded this Western Tradition, we can rightly honor them by participating in civil discussion, so as to encourage change in our policies as opposed to simply tearing eachother down,” Armato added.

Campus Reform reached out to the University of North Texas and the University of Dallas for comment, but did not receive a response. 

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