VIDEO: Leftist vandals rip down posters for Wintrich event

Students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign were caught on film destroying posters advertising the international film premiere and speech by Lucian Wintrich, White House Correspondent for The Gateway Pundit.    

Wintrich’s film “Perils of an Open Border”, and speech afterwards, focused on illegal immigration, the consequences of open borders, and the necessity of the border wall proposed by President Donald Trump. 

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The event organizers had printed posters and chalked their university’s sidewalks and quad days before the Wintrich event. The morning after, they noticed the posters were torn down and water smeared on the chalking.

In place of one original chalk message, someone wrote “CAUTION: FASCISTS.”

An organizer noticed the posters being taken down minutes after putting them up, and filmed the subsequent interaction with the vandals.

When asked to explain his actions, one student responded “Because I don’t think people should go to the event,” then walked away as the organizer protested that “you can disagree, but you don’t have to rip them up.”

Another student justified his actions by saying he is allowed to take down “public property,” even after being informed that the posters were paid for privately by the event organizers. 

The event organizers allege that the female in the video is a university-employed student named Jennifer Elke Clifton, who also serves as a Program Advisor for a university residence hall and an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the University of Illinois Psychological Department. 

When confronted, she insisted that the flyers were not allowed according to the student handbook, simply repeating the assertion when challenged before eventually walking away.

After reviewing the footage, Wintrich told Campus Reform that it highlights the difference between liberal and conservative students when it comes to engaging ideas they oppose.

“For the slew of far-left events that preach division and failed political systems, you’ll never see conservatives running around snatching up the posters for them,” he noted. “In fact, often conservative students will attend the events and actually engage in debate and conversation. It’s truly unfortunate that the left is so unwilling to engage with any topic that doesn’t fit with their dogma that they resort to childish nonsense like this.” 

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University officials did not respond to inquiries from Campus Reform in time for publication, and Jennifer Clinton declined to comment on her involvement.

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