VIDEO: Maryland students flirt with their 'ecosexual' sides on Tinder

Students on the Maryland college campus responded to the idea by swiping left or right on Tinder profiles for various types of trees

St. Mary's University Professor Lauran Whitworth coined the term "ecosexual" in a piece earlier this month, defining the term as one who "takes the earth as their lover"

Watch the video below to see the exchanges

This month, Professor Lauran Whitworth of Saint Mary’s College of Maryland turned heads with her piece on environmental conservation in the academic journal Feminist Theory. 

The article, which sought to explore how environmentalism can be made more appealing to the general public, touted the benefits of embracing “ecosexualism.” 

According to Whitworth, the term varies in definition, meaning someone who “takes the earth as their lover,” or just “a person that finds nature sensual.” While some have decried the notion as inappropriate, others have embraced it, claiming if more people viewed trees as romantic partners, they might be more likely to conserve them. 

In this spirit, I headed to St. Mary’s College of Maryland to see how students felt about the ecosexual movement. Would they be interested in the dating profiles of single trees in the area? Watch the full video to find out.