VIDEO: MSNBC's Chris Matthews slams socialism in chilling message to 'younger people'

Matthews specifically called out "younger people" who polls show are most likely to support socialist policies.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews slammed socialism, saying that it "doesn't freaking work."

MSNBC host Chris Matthews slammed socialism Friday night following the last Democratic presidential debate before the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, saying that the economic model advocated for by Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed “Democratic-Socialist,” is “not only not free,” but that “it doesn’t freaking work.” 

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”Some people like it, younger people like it,” Matthews said of socialism. 

But, Matthews added, “those of us like me, who grew up in the Cold War, and saw some aspects of it while visiting places like Vietnam like I have, and seeing countries like Cuba, being there, I’ve seen what socialism is like, I don’t like it. It’s not only not free. It doesn’t freaking work.”

Matthews’ assessment that “younger people like” socialism is correct. 

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As Campus Reform has reported, a whopping 70 percent of Millennials said in a recent poll they are likely to vote for a socialist. Other polls, one that specifically surveyed Democratic and Democratic-leaning college students in Iowa ahead of the Iowa caucuses, said Sanders led among that demographic with 35 percent support. 

Since the Iowa caucuses, Sanders’ support among Democratic and Democratic-leaning college students nationwide is up 4 percent. The self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist now has 47 percent support among Democratic and Democratic-leaning college students nationwide, according to the Chegg-College Pulse 2020 election tracker. 

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