VIDEO: Protesters say ban assault weapons…whatever they are

Hundreds of thousands of protesters marched in cities across the country Saturday to demand gun control as part of the "March for our Lives."

One particularly popular refrain among marchers was the call to ban "assault weapons," but nobody seemed quite sure just exactly what an "assault weapon" actually is.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of students, parents, and teachers took part in demonstrations calling for legislation to prevent school shootings. 

Deemed the March For Our Lives, attendees in cities around the country voiced their displeasure with politicians, the NRA, and among other things, firearms themselves. 

Much of the legislative talk at the event was centered around the call to ban the sale of “assault weapons” in the United States. The March’s organizers even listed the demand, along with others, on its website.

Wanting to know what young people at the march thought of the proposed ban, and whether they knew what an “assault weapon” was, Campus Reform hit the streets of D.C. to find out. 

Every single march attendee that we spoke with made it clear: they want to ban assault weapons. 

When asked if they knew what an assault weapon was, they were a little less clear. 

“Um, I mean no. But ‘assault weapon,’ does that sound safe to you?” said one attendee. 

“It’s an a gun for instance that you can buy at a shop pretty easily, that can like cause more deaths than one I guess,” added another. 

Watch the full video to see what else they had to say about the legislation they were advocating for, and what they think of the 2nd Amendment in general.

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